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Hasuko Body Whitening Cream 280gram

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- Skin whitening by Stem Cells Human placenta promotes the process of collagen regeneration, prevents and slows aging, reduces wrinkles, melasma, freckles.
- Proteoglycan found in salmon skin and cartilage along with collagen and hyaluronic acid provide optimal moisture to the skin, does not cause uncomfortable greasy, helps alkaline oil, tightens pores. Also works to heal scars, wounds on the skin.
- Collagen nourishes the skin to always rejuvenate. Young beautiful from deep inside, erase wrinkles bring skin firm, smooth and bright white
- Ceramide called "Great Wall" supports skin against harmful agents, maintains skin elasticity and health
Vitamin C is a panacea for anti-aging, muscle lifting, rejuvenation, melasma, freckles. Helps white skin to be evenly colored. Remove dark circles under puffiness, remove dark circles at armpits, elbows, knees ...
- Wash your face or areas of skin that need to be creamed.
- After cleansing the skin that needs whitening, apply cream incubation with a thin layer (like masking). And so let the skin penetrate the essence on the skin. No need to wash again
- Use for both face and body
- Can be used as normal makeup. Skin tone bright white without applying additional sunscreen.
- Weight: 280gram


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