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Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk for children 180g (Strawberry flavor)

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Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk for children is favored and chosen by Japanese mothers for their babies not only because of its quality, which is always a best seller, but also contains calcium-fortified nutrients and essential substances to help babies grow taller. tall, physically strong and healthy.

Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk for children - Golden food for children's comprehensive development

Highlights of Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk for children:

  • Asumiru Ichiban Boshi - Rich nutrition for optimal height

ZAP balance of nutrients includes Zinc - Arigine - Placenta, helping to increase height better, especially children in the golden period of height development from 3 to 16 years old.

The product supports calcium absorption 3 times more than other height increasing support products because it contains extracts from 3 types of organic calcium from fish, sesame seeds and coral, helping babies develop bones, joints and physical strength. more cable.

Supplementing 8 essential vitamins with DHA and special minerals extracted from fish, helps develop children's immune system, brain and play activities.

  • Japan's No. 1 milk brand

The product meets the 3-NO quality standard: No artificial sweeteners - No colorants - No preservatives so it is safe and benign for babies. In addition, Asumiru height increasing milk powder has been the Top 1 product in the field of height growth for children for many years, chosen and trusted by Japanese mothers for many years.

Uses of Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk:

- Good absorption of nutrients and calcium helps develop strong bones, joints, teeth and gums.

- Supports increasing height better, especially during the golden period from 3 to 16 years old.

- Minimize diseases related to bones, joints, teeth, gums,... for children to develop more comprehensively.

- Supplement essential nutrients, increase absorption in malnourished and anorexic children.

Ingredients of Asumiru Ichiban Boshi height increasing milk for children:

Calcium, DHA, zinc, magnesium, vitamins, minerals, cocoa powder, dolomite, crystallized sugar, sesame minerals, soy protein powder, hydrolyzed collagen,...

Who should use Asumiru Ichiban height increasing milk for children?

- Children from 3 to 16 years old are in the stage of height growth.

- Children with anorexia need adequate nutritional supplementation during the period of height development.

- Children who are stunted and want to grow taller and supplement their energy for sports activities.

Instructions for using Asumiru Ichiban height increasing milk for children:

- Add 2 spoons (6g) of milk to 30ml of warm water, use quickly after mixing.

- Can be mixed with 100ml of milk, shake well and enjoy.

- Drink 1 - 2 hours before bed to promote the effect of increasing height and physical development.


- Close the bag lid after use.

- The effect develops quickly or slowly depending on each person's physical condition.

Methods of preservation:

- Store in a cool place, away from sunlight.

- Avoid leaving it in too damp and moldy places.


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