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Gcell Yzone Vaginal Tightening Pills (10 pills)

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Gynecological products GCELL Y ZONE CLEANSER are made in Korea, improve vaginal enlargement common in women after childbirth, increase tightening, firmness, elasticity, anti-inflammatory, odor, fungal itching.

* User manual:

- Use at night before going to bed

- After you have washed and dried, you put 1 tablet by using your finger to push the tablet deeply into the vagina.

- When menstruation is not placed

- After the end of menstruation, put on 2-3 consecutive days, then continue to maintain once a week.

* Number of uses:

- Book in a row for the first 3 days

- Then put each pill 1 week or can shorten the number of days depending on your condition.

* Function:

- Helps create an ideal vaginal environment with a pH of 3.8 - 4.5 by converting glycogen into lactic acid, thereby keeping the intimate area clean, preventing harmful bacteria

- Tighten the vagina and make the vagina more elastic and firm, eliminating vaginismus. Help women be confident in "love" with their partner

- Activate the self-purifying mechanism of the private area, helping cells contract more, secrete more sebum and eliminate wastes out. Your private area will always be as fresh as springtime

- Increase vaginal lubrication, prevent dryness during sex

- Overcome the fungal infection, itching, no longer appear discharge, unpleasant odor

- Rejuvenate the most sensitive skin, increase the elasticity of the intimate area

- Support menstrual regulation and reduce dysmenorrhea, urinary incontinence.



The nutrients in GCELL Y ZONE CLEANSER are extracted from nature, so you can be assured of safety and non-irritating.

Dandelion petals, wormwood, safflower: help eliminate odors, remove dark spots and brighten skin.

Soybean germ essence: soothes, increases mucus secretion and helps regulate menstruation.


GCELL Y ZONE CLEANSER acts gently on the skin, does not hurt, but penetrates deeply, and has a thorough effect.

Usually, after only 5-7 days of use, we can already see the effect of the product.


100% of GCELL products are quality certified by Vietnam's Health Authority and allowed to be circulated nationwide. This means that when you buy and use our products, you can rest assured.

Vien dat vung kin Gcell (  mẫu mới )


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