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HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder 60 packs

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HealthAid Bifina R is the number 1 best-selling probiotic product in Japan with breakthrough SMC technology applied, helping probiotics "survive" over 90% when reaching the colon. The product contains beneficial bacteria Bifido (bifidobacterium), Lactobacillus and Oligosaccharide fiber, which help balance the intestinal microflora, help overcome symptoms of digestive disorders, and support good treatment for colitis. .

HealthAid Bifina R probiotic - Healthy belly, happy family

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Highlights of HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder:

- HealthAid Bifina R probiotic powder applies modern SMC (seamless micro capsule) technology - creating "double protection capsule" particles with 3 protective layers that cover the probiotics. It is this modern technology that helps beneficial bacteria "survive" up to 90% when passing through the acidic environment in the stomach, helping the product to be more effective than usual.

- HealthAid Bifina R probiotic contains two important intestinal beneficial bacteria, Bifido (Bifidobacteria) and Lactobacillus (L. Acidophilus and L.gasseri), along with Origosaccaride fiber - a source of nutrients that helps beneficial bacteria grow smoothly. beneficial and rapidly proliferates in the intestinal tract, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the product.

- HealthAid Bifina R is manufactured by Morishitan Jintan with more than 125 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in Japan. Not only that, according to Fuji Kenzai statistics, this is the number 1 best-selling probiotic product line in Japan. For the past 21 years, it has been the top choice of consumers when encountering gastrointestinal problems.

HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder 60 packs

Uses of HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder:

- Helps support good treatment for people with colitis.

- Enhance nutrient absorption, improve the immune system as well as promote digestion and nutrient absorption.

- Balances the intestinal microflora, creating conditions for beneficial bacteria to grow, thereby helping the intestines function normally and healthily.

- Reduces intestinal disorders caused by dysbiosis and infections causing diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, indigestion, constipation...

- Supports digestive function in cases of constipation, colitis, indigestion, poor digestive function...

HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder 60 packs

Ingredients in HealthAid Bifina R live probiotic powder:

- Oligosaccharide fiber: 0.3g

- Bifidobacterium probiotic: 2.5 billion

- Lactobacillus probiotic: 1 billion

- Fat, gelatin, Glycerol...

User manual:

  • Dosage:

- Children 3 - 7 years old: Use 1/2 packet per day.

- Children over 7 years old and adults: Use 1 - 3 packets per day.

- Use 1 - 2 packets per day to help maintain a healthy intestine and increase the body's resistance.

- People suffering from digestive and intestinal problems: Use 3 packets per day in the morning, noon, and afternoon.

  • How to drink:

- Use about 30 minutes before meals, use immediately after opening the package.

+ Method 1: Tear the bag, drink Bifina yeast directly and secrete saliva to swallow. Do not chew because it will break the outer protective layer of the probiotics.

+ Method 2: Drink probiotics with cooled boiled water or cooled milk. Do not use with warm or hot water or milk.


- Use immediately after opening the package.

- Should be taken 2 hours after using antibiotics.

- This product is not a medicine so it cannot replace medicine.

Methods of preservation:

- Store in a dry, cool place, temperature below 25 degrees Celsius.


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