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Hector Sublimation Dried Cordyceps 5gram 1 Box

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Hector's freeze-dried Cordyceps is a scientifically grown, high-quality, stable medicinal mushroom product, praised by many users for its good effectiveness on health problems.


– Hector Cordyceps helps improve health, supports cancer prevention and treatment. For people with cancer, using more cordyceps will help:

     + Inhibits tumor growth,
     + Puts tumor cells into the death stage, causing the tumor to gradually shrink,
     + Helps macrophages produce a number of immune substances that kill tumor cells,...

– Hector Cordyceps helps increase desire for both sexes. Cordycepin stimulates the body to increase the production of testosterone (in men) and estrogen (in women); Helps reduce stress, regulate nerve signals, and support increased desire.

– Effective for young and beautiful goals. Hector's Cordyceps contains high levels of antioxidants. Regular use will help fight the effects of premature aging and increase skin elasticity. In addition, regularly using cordyceps helps the body become firm and lose weight safely.

– Hector Cordyceps helps improve health and increase resistance. With 17 different amino acids, along with lipids, vitamins A, B, C, E, K, trace minerals such as Na, K, Al, Se... Hector's Cordyceps helps provide nutrients for the body. , especially those who are debilitated and undergoing prolonged treatment.

– Hector Cordyceps helps improve blood circulation, circulation and cardiovascular health. Adenosine helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, improving heart rate. Besides, other ingredients also contribute to reducing cholesterol and avoiding atherosclerosis.

– Hector Cordyceps helps prevent and treat diseases from bacteria and viruses. The product contains the active ingredient group HEAA (Hydroxyethyl Adenosine Analogs) with extremely strong antibacterial and antiviral effects that help strengthen the immune system and improve health, especially applied to the treatment of HIV/AIDS.


100% freeze-dried Cordyceps. 


- Suitable for both men and women, the elderly, athletes, and people who exercise a lot.

- People undergoing treatment need to improve their health and protect liver and kidney function under the influence of western medicine.

- People who are working at high intensity, need energy, need endurance, need mental relaxation.

- People who need physiological function support.

- People who need to gradually rejuvenate over the years.


Hector brand belongs to Lavite company, Vietnam. With the advantage of outstanding efficiency and very reasonable price, Hector is one of the few cordyceps functional food brands that is most commonly trusted in Vietnam and some international markets such as USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong,…


- Brew tea: use 3 - 5 mushroom stalks, put in a glass of boiling water 150 - 200 ml, wait 2-3 minutes for the active ingredients in the mushrooms to be extracted into the tea, use both water and mushrooms. Can be used 1-2 times per day depending on needs.

– Cook porridge/soup: use as an ingredient to cook nutritious porridge or soup, use 3 - 5 mushroom stalks/cup. Use 1 - 2 cups/day.


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