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DHC Volume Top Hair Growth Supplement 90 tablets (30 day using)

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  • - Product name: DHC Volume Top
  • - Manufacturer: DHC
  • - Made in Japan
  • - Specification: Pack of 90 tablets, use for 30 days

As we all know, hair also follows the laws of nature, hair also gradually shows signs of aging with age. This has caused the hormones Estrogen and testosterone - the red thread throughout the body, which greatly affects and determines the growth of hair, which also gradually declines. This is also the reason why hair is tangled, split ends, broken and then gradually turns silver. These signs are most visible and develop most strongly in postpartum women, perimenopause or men in middle age.

Besides age, one of the leading causes of damaged hair is the regular impact of bending, pressing, dyeing, drying... with toxic chemicals. or the excessive impact of beauty devices. The health of the hair does not allow it to suffer so many harmful effects. Therefore, repeated repetition will naturally lead to damage. Hair gradually breaks, tangles, split ends and falls out a lot...

Volume Top DHC is highly appreciated for its diverse composition of natural nutrients, which are not only benign but also have outstanding uses. Besides, the product is also researched and manufactured by leading Japanese experts, along with the most modern technology in cherry blossom country, creating one of the best hair care supplements today.

3. Uses of Volume top DHC hair growth and thickening pills

  • - Volume top DHC helps nourish the scalp to be healthy, prevent hair breakage, split ends.
  • - Japanese hair growth pills help strengthen nutrients to help stimulate hair growth and effectively thicken hair.
  • - The use of Japanese DHC hair growth pills also helps to promote general health, especially for postpartum women, premenopausal women and middle-aged men.

4. Effects of ingredients in Volume Top DHC hair thickening pills

  • DHC Volume Top 90 hair growth pills from Japan is extracted from 14 natural ingredients. These are all very prominent nutritional ingredients, which help bring the best benefits to the health of the hair, and at the same time do not cause any side effects for the user. In addition, DHC Volume Top hair growth stimulator does not contain any other preservatives, fragrances, or colors.
  • Some of the main ingredients and their uses in DHC Volume Top hair growth pills:
  • Ingredients potato powder, artichokes and seaweed rich in Silicon dioxide works to help the body quickly absorb minerals and vitamins better, ensuring the nutrients needed to nourish the hair fibers and ensure For hair to be shiny, strong and thick from the inside.
  • In brown algae contains fucoidan, chamomile contains chamazulan, which helps fight scalp inflammation and balance hair moisture.
  • Ingredients of chives, oysters and scallions contain many minerals, especially high zinc content to help prevent hair growth and especially important for hair is iron.
  • Oysters also contain a large amount of minerals with strong antioxidant properties to prevent damage to hair caused by aging.
  • With ginseng extract containing ginsenoside Ro, which inhibits and counteracts substances that can cause hair loss, stimulates rapid hair growth. Besides, ginseng also contains ginsenoside Rg3 which has the effect of making black hair soft and smooth quickly.

Ingredients & content in Volume Top DHC:

  • Potato powder 906mg
    Jerusalem artichoke 576mg
    Seaweed extract 180mg
    Squid grass extract 108mg
    Fragrant Chamomile 90mg (parthenolide 0.2%)
    Brown seaweed 78mg
    Ginseng Extract 60mg (saponin 48mg)
    Hoang Bach mushroom extract 60mg (ergothioneine 1.5%)
    Kelp powder 30mg
    Peptide from pig liver 18mg
    Oyster powder 18mg
    Goji berry powder 12mg
    Pantohenic Acid 11mg
    Zinc 0.6mg

5. Instructions for using volume top DHC hair growth and thickening pills effectively

  • - Take 6 tablets a day, divided into 3 times, 2 tablets each time, take during or after meals.
  • - Pregnant women, nursing mothers or people who are allergic to any ingredient in Volume Top DHC tablets should consult their doctor before using.
  • - Should take DHC Volume Top hair growth pills for at least 1 month (1 pack of 90 pills for 30 days) to get the best effect.


  • This product is not a hair growth medicine, it is not a substitute for medicine.
    The effectiveness of using the product depends on the location of each person.


  • Store the product in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    Keep the product out of reach of children.


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