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Japanese domestic Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom 39g

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Top quality Japanese Ganoderma mushrooms, a "miracle drug" for health, a rare "ultimate product" that helps reduce the risk of cancer, prolong life, have a healthy body, and have strong health. , restore and enhance body functions and many other uses.

Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom - "Extremely rare product" for lasting health

MC Dai Nghia believes in using products from Japana Japanese Supermarket

MC Dai Nghia strongly trusts the products of Japana Japanese Supermarket

Highlights of Nissan Reishi Ganoderma mushroom:

  • Longevity mushroom

Nicknamed "Longevity Mushroom", Lingzhi mushrooms in the Land of the Rising Sun have been proven by scientists to have extremely high nutrient content, which contributes in no small part to longevity. of the people of this country exceeds the threshold of a century, that is why "Longevity Mushroom" is an immortal name.

  • 4 uses for lasting health

Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms are among the 6 rare types of mushrooms that are good for human health. They are so named because they have a red color and the highest nutritional content, higher than ginseng, and are certified by traditional medicine as herbal medicine. Premium medicine with the following 4 uses:

+ Extremely good for human health without any side effects

+ Balance and strengthen functional activities in the body

+ Minimize the risk of old age diseases.

+ Increase average life expectancy, strengthen spirit, nourish the brain.

Japanese domestic Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom 39g

  • 100% natural Ganoderma mushrooms

In Japan, Ganoderma mushrooms are grown entirely from natural wood, grown and cared for in Japan's most advanced and strict environment and farming regime, and contain absolutely NO pesticides or impurities. or affected by environmental pollution.

Maintaining the integrity of nutritional ingredients and world-leading quality.

Uses of Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom:

  • Minimize tumor formation

Sound familiar? You often hear the word "tumor" when referring to the evil cancer that cruelly takes millions of lives every year.

Ganoderma mushrooms are scientifically proven to contain high levels of active ingredients triterpenes, which help reduce the formation and development of malignant tumors.

They help increase resistance, cut off the tumor's nutritional source, thereby preventing the tumor from growing and metastasizing.

Japanese domestic Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom 39g

  • Increase vitality for men

Lingzhi mushrooms contain compounds that help stimulate and enhance muscle development, reduce the conversion of the hormone testosterone in the body, thereby stabilizing the function of the reproductive system in men.

  • Anti freeze blood

Scientists have proven that the Ganoderma ingredient in Ganoderma lucidum can also help thin the blood, stabilize blood pressure, calm the mood, and reduce agitation or abnormal moods in the elderly.

  • Enhance organ function

The nutritional ingredients in Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms help restore and enhance internal organ functions in the body such as cardiovascular, digestive, bone and joint, neurological, etc.

In particular, Ganoderma lucidum mushroom contains a lot of ganoderic acid, which is very good for treating and strengthening liver health.

Japanese domestic Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom 39g

  • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory

The Ganoderma substance found in Ganoderma lucidum mushroom has also been proven to have antibacterial and antiseptic effects, protecting the body from the effects of disease-causing viruses such as flu, sore throat, allergies, etc.

  • Soothe the spirit and nourish the brain

Ancient kings in the East used Ganoderma lucidum to soothe the spirit, reduce headaches, strengthen the brain, help the mind stay clear, relax, relieve fatigue in the body, and bring health benefits. a comfortable life, from which you can sleep better and eat better.

  • Beautify skin

Of course, if Ganoderma lucidum mushrooms contain countless nutrients that are good for human health, then surely they will also be very good for women's skin.

The high content of antioxidants minimizes the impact of time on women's beauty, while purifying the body, eliminating toxins, helping the body stay healthy and have bright, white, smooth, and radiant skin. more radiant and youthful.

Japanese domestic Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushroom 39g

Ingredients in Nissan Reishi Lingzhi mushrooms:

- 100% Japanese Lingzhi mushroom.

Instructions for using Nissan Reishi Ganoderma mushrooms:

- If you want to nourish your body, use at least 1 to 2 packets/day, along with a vitamin C pill to promote faster and better absorption by the body.

- If you have health problems, remember to drink after eating. 

How to preserve the product:

- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

- Store in a dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


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