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Japanese NMN Premium 21600 pills increase longevity and reverse aging

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Advantages of Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills 

» Japan's NMN Premium 21600 pill is a purified product with NMN purity concentration up to 99%.

» The product is improved with a content of 250mg per day. Just 2 capsules per day is equivalent to the content of 2000 broccoli or 80 avocados

» Integrated with many precious nutrients that almost no other products have such as Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, pig placenta, coenzymes...

» Manufactured according to GMP standards with strict hygiene regulations certified in Japan

Subjects using Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills

» In aging, middle-aged and elderly people who want to slow down the aging process immediately.

» Women in need of beauty, people with many skin disadvantages such as sagging skin, loose skin, wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, etc.

» The body encounters problems related to "old age diseases" manifested in: weight, metabolism, digestion, immune system, physiology, memory, blood pressure, liver and kidneys...

» People who work on the mind, for Alzheimer's people to restore memory and improve memory clarity

» People with blood sugar imbalance and cardiovascular symptoms

» Experiencing unusual problems in daily life such as insomnia, getting tired easily, getting sick easily, stress, forgetfulness, rough skin, poor color, lots of hair loss, bone pain, etc.

» Frequently staying up late, eating a lot of fast foods or greasy foods, a diet high in meat and low in vegetables, smoking, drinking alcohol, polluted and dusty living environment.

» People who want to prolong their life, want to have a healthy and truly fulfilling life.

It's never too late to enjoy a healthy, quality life.

Uses of Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills


Increase communication between cells. Healthy skin development requires high-quality communication. For example, if the skin is burning, the cells must communicate well to understand that the skin is burning and needs to be soothed immediately. Without communication between cells, the skin will age faster, cannot heal as quickly and become thin, and pigment production will also become abnormal.

Prevents signs of aging on the skin.

Reduces the effects of UV rays and radiation on the skin.


Corrects genetic defects that can be passed on to children.


  • Maintains genomic integrity and promotes DNA damage repair.
  • It is the key to helping mitochondria create energy for cells.
  • Good support for weight control process.
  • Protects the heart and improves heart functions.
  • Reduces neurodegeneration and improves memory, protecting brain cells from dying when there is not enough blood flow to the brain.
  • Regulate inflammation.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Prevents cell aging caused by cancer or stress.

Prevent age-related diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc.

Ingredients Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills

– β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), bifidus powder, pig placenta extract powder, lotus pistil extract, red wine extract powder containing resveratrol, black ginseng extract powder, fermented plant extract powder (Included oranges, cashews, walnuts, kiwifruit, sesame seeds, wheat, soybeans, bananas, peaches, apples, yams), Fucoidan algae extract, coenzyme Q10, bird's nest extract powder, vegetable oil containing vitamin E, corn extract (contains ceramide), Cordyceps mushroom powder, French maritime pine bark extract powder/gelatin, L-arginine, cellulose, vitamin C, Calcium Stearate, niacin, processed starch lye, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, hematococcus algae pigment, cellulose, fine silicon oxide, antioxidant (Vitamin E), Vitamin B12.

– β-nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN): is a precursor to the essential molecule NAD+. They are natural molecules available in the human body. The older you get, the more your body consumes NMN+. This leads to a NMN+/NAD+ deficiency. And this is also one of the main causes of aging and disease. Supplementing NMN+ has been proven to reverse aging, prevent or improve diseases (especially old age diseases).

 NMN – nicotinamide mononucleotide found in vitamin B3 belongs to group B vitamins. NMN helps provide energy for all seven longevity genes (Sirtuin Gene), and it is also a substance that can have rejuvenating and anti-aging effects.

– Bifidobacterium powder form: Bifido bacteria have the ability to survive in the environment of stomach acid and bile salts of bile in the small intestine. They have the ability to adhere well to intestinal mucosa cells, stimulate the body's immune system, destroy harmful bacteria and balance the intestinal microflora.

– Pig placenta extract: often used by experts to create health foods and cosmetics. In cosmetics, it is often used to make beauty essences and creams, and has a moisturizing effect to keep the skin youthful. And as for beauty supplements, it works to beautify your skin, giving you firm, youthful skin.

– Lotus pistil extract: has antibacterial, laxative and reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.

– Red wine extract powder contains resveratrol: Resveratrol is an antioxidant beauty ingredient, a type of polyphenol found in grape seeds. It has strong antioxidant properties and is attracting attention as an ingredient thought to help keep the body healthy and youthful, such as preventing cell oxidation and improving skin health. elasticity of the skin, and is used in supplements and cosmetics…

– Ginseng extract powder: Effects of ginseng include: recovery from fatigue, nutritional supplementation, physical recovery after illness, improving weak health, improving hypoglycemia pressure, restore sexual function, improve skin diseases, prevent colds, and nourish blood.

– Fermented plant extract powder (including oranges, cashews, walnuts, kiwifruit, sesame, wheat, soybeans, bananas, peaches, apples and yams): In China, the home of medicine In China, Cordyceps has the effect of enhancing immunity, inhibiting tumor growth, antibacterial, cough suppressant, hemostatic, bronchial dilation, sedative and nutritious. In addition, it also has the effect of improving lung cancer, tuberculosis, asthma... This ingredient is good for people in the "weak lung group" who need more energy and physical recovery after illness, improving paralysis. overuse, sedation, and people with "weak kidneys" who are infertile in men and women.

– Pine bark extract powder: helps prevent aging, whitens skin, supplements amino acids, increases collagen... to restore elasticity and firmness to the skin.

– L-Arginine: Arginine is an amino acid that secretes growth hormone, strengthens muscle tissue and improves immunity. It also works to improve blood flow by detoxifying ammonia and dilating blood vessels. In addition, it also moisturizes the skin and promotes metabolism, so it also helps create beautiful skin.

– Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12: Vitamin B is the name for a group of water-soluble vitamins that play an important role in cell metabolism. B vitamins are essential for growth, development and a variety of other body functions (nervous system, eyes, muscles, organs, skin and hair).

Review: Is Japan's NMN Premium 21600 pill good?

Ms. Ngoc Giau, 50 years old: I have been taking Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills for nearly 2 years now. Initially, my family gave it to me and it worked well so I bought it to use. Currently, my health is quite good, I have few diseases in the elderly, I have a clear mind, and my limbs are active. As for my skin, many people commented that I look younger than my real age. I really trust this product and continue to use it for a long time.

Ms. Minh Lan, 36 years old, shared: "I have been drinking NMN Premium 21600 Japan for quite a long time. I find this product not only helps me feel more alert when under pressure and stress at work, but also nourishes my skin very well. I also bought it as a gift for my parents on both sides of the family, and they complimented it all the time."

Ms. Ngoc Thao, 45 years old, expressed: "I'm quite busy so I don't have too much time to take care of myself, both in terms of health and skin. That's why I chose NMN Premium 21600 Japan as a time-saving option but still ensures effectiveness in maintaining my health and skin care. Indeed, this product makes me very satisfied.”

Instructions for using Japanese NMN Premium 21600 Pills

Use 2 tablets per day according to the manufacturer's instructions.


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