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Korean children's red ginseng Hongki Tongki Prime Green 5 - 7 years old

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➤ Origin: Korea

➤ Brand: Hamsoa

➤ Volume: 1 box/ 30 packs.

➤ Intended users: For children from 5 to 7 years old.

➤ Uses: 6-year-old Korean premium red ginseng extract, imported Russian velvet ginseng. 100% natural, absolutely safe for babies. Supplementing essential nutrients every day creates energy to help adapt to new living and learning environments, keeping children healthy and playing, enhancing blood circulation and making children smarter. Increases ability to fight disease-causing bacteria. Providing calcium helps children develop height...

Red ginseng for children 5 - 7 years old Hongki Tongki Green Hamsoa Korea

Korean red ginseng is a popular and trusted product around the world today. There are many types of Red Ginseng suitable for each age group with different uses and functions.

Leading experts have researched and shown that for children between the ages of 5 and 7 years old, it is the necessary age to use Red Ginseng to supplement nutrition and prevent harmful agents to children. love in this sensitive age.

Children entering kindergarten, entering first grade, must get used to a new environment and are no longer protected in the arms of their parents and family. A completely unfamiliar new space requires creating new habits. Besides the new things your child learns, there are many dangers lurking around, just waiting to penetrate your child's body.

Smart mothers in Korea, Asian countries, Europe, America... have trusted it, so what are you waiting for to relieve your worries???


Why should you choose Hongki Tongki Green Hamsoa for children 5-7 years old and not other products?

     Patented to improve bitter taste for children when used. No longer bitter, easy to use, without losing valuable nutrients in Ginseng. There are also no added chemical sugars or sweeteners that are harmful to children's health.

  1. Ingredient:

100% natural extracts, especially the best 6-year-old Korean red ginseng, velvet ginseng imported from Russia and plant mixtures that are absolutely safe for babies.

6-year red ginseng, Ginsenoside, purified water; oligosaccharide sugar, IMO sugar; Palatinose, strawberry extract, plant mixture: (Antler velvet, Schisandra, Sumac, Barley, Tangerine peel, Loquat, Dong quai, Catwing root, Eucalyptus, Oriental buckwheat). Mushroom mixture extract. Synthetic powder Calcium, vitamin C, Zinc Gluconate, vitamin A, vitamin D3, Folic Acid.

Hamsoa brand is "Korea's No. 1 health care brand for mothers and babies" with a system of research institutes, manufacturing plants, and a system of 70 hospitals in Korea.
2. Subject

For babies:

  • From 5 to 7 years old, it is necessary to supplement the body with necessary nutrients during the period of adapting to the collective environment when going to school.
  • Children have resistance, weak immune system, often get sick, cough, runny nose...
  • Children have unscientific eating and living habits.
  • Children have rickets, malnutrition, and lack of energy in daily activities.
  • Children are restless, have difficulty sleeping, do not sleep deeply, or wake up startled.
  • Children need to recover their bodies after illness, hospitalization, antibiotics, etc.

3. Uses

  • Increases the ability to absorb nutrients, improves anorexia, anorexia, and rickets, helping your baby eat better and healthier.
  • Strengthening resistance improves the immune system, helping children reduce common symptoms such as flu, cough, runny nose, headaches...
  • Blood circulation helps children develop their brain and memory, and develop strong bones thanks to adequate calcium absorption.
  • Creates energy for daily fun activities, helping your baby become more agile.
  • Supplement necessary nutrients to fight harmful bacteria that cause illness in your baby.

Especially safe for babies:

  • Do not use the HSCF line.
  • No chemical flavoring.
  • No excipient Cyclodextrin.
  • No greenthan gum compounds.
  • No sweeteners.
  • No preservatives Citric acid.

4. How to use: 

  • Once a day - 1 packet at a time (can be used cold in summer or eaten at normal temperature, both are delicious).
  • Tip: For babies with poor resistance, anorexia, malnutrition, and stunting, you should use 2 boxes continuously. Mom will notice the difference.

Moms, learn about other products in the Hongki Tongki Prime red ginseng drink product set for your baby to choose the most suitable product for your baby...


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