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Lucysense Premium Plum Enzyme – Korea

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Lucysense Premium Plum Enzyme Powder contains the highest amylase enzyme content with 750,000 units/1 pack, which is both good for the digestive system and helps improve weight, excess fat and effectively beautify the skin.


Lucysense Premium Plum Enzyme

Lucysense plum enzyme - a comprehensive solution for digestion, accelerates metabolism, helps restore a healthy balance in the intestinal microflora, making the body healthy and beautiful overall. Premium Plum Enzyme is synthesized from abundant Enzyme sources from Plums and Kale, which are rich in nutrients and have high levels of ingredients that provide energy for the body, support the digestive system and strengthen the natural immune system.

Lucysense has a journey of thorough research on finished product structure and specialized functions when creating Premium Plum Enzyme - a product that not only focuses on supplementing enzymes but also provides beneficial nutrients to promote production and growth. Enzyme nourishment from within the body, creating a longer-lasting, more sustainable energy cycle.


Lucysense Premium Plum Enzyme Powder has a direct health protection role. When your body is healthy, you will see clearly through external manifestations.

Outstanding uses:

  • Enhances nutrient metabolism, repels flatulence, bloating, and indigestion
  • Preserve and save the prototype Enzyme source available in the body
  • Purifies the body, supporting the liver to eliminate toxins
  • Enhance health, optimize immune system
  • Maintain a positive state and focus
  • Promote appetite, sleep well, improve quality of life
  • Prevent aging, beautify skin


Lucysense Premium Plum plum enzyme is extracted from Plum, Papaya, Kale, adds beneficial bacteria and vitamins needed for the body, has a mild sour taste, is naturally sweet and melts right on the tip of the tongue. Plum Enzyme does not contain sugar so it is completely suitable for dieters.

Main ingredient:

  • Enzymes extracted from Plum and Kale and a mixture of plant-based fermented enzymes : Enhance health, support digestion, strengthen the intestines, prevent belching, bloating, indigestion... Purify the body, Supports the liver in the process of decomposing toxins in the body for elimination. Enhances resistance, accelerates metabolism and cell resolution. Decompose and break down cholesterol, supporting blood fat reduction.
  • Vitamin C : Stimulates the production of white blood cells to help strengthen the immune system, speed up the healing of skin lesions, fight inflammation and prevent bacteria from invading. Antioxidant, protects cells against the effects of free radicals, prevents cardiovascular diseases. Helps skin become bright, healthy, smooth, fades dark spots and helps protect skin from the effects of UV rays.
  • Amylase : main contributor to the breakdown of starch in everyday foods such as rice, potatoes, etc. into glucose. Eliminates flatulence, bloating, indigestion and speeds up the process of decomposition and metabolism of nutrients for absorption into the small intestine.
  • Protease : breaks down protein into amino acids to help strengthen the density, structure and quality of tissues and muscles in the body, supporting the healing and repair of tissues. At the same time, it destroys debris from parasitic cells, fungi, bacteria, viruses and protein membranes of disease-causing cells to strengthen the immune system.
  • Lipase : digests fats and fat-soluble vitamins. Lipase can store long-term energy and help improve cell quality, thereby helping the body become healthy.
  • 17 types of probiotics : restore a healthy balance in the intestinal microflora. Anti-inflammatory, prevents bacteria and infections.
  • Vitamin and mineral group : stimulates the body's ability to synthesize and absorb natural enzymes through daily food intake, thereby nourishing the enzyme production apparatus from within.


Over time, the body will reduce its ability to produce enzymes, so health will gradually decline. Supplementing Lucysense Plum Enzyme every day is essential for the body to stay healthy.

How to use:

  • Children over 3 years old : Use 1/2 packet per day, can be mixed with milk, yogurt, fruit juice or mixed with salad.
  • Adults and children over 12 years old : Take 1 packet per day, drink directly after eating

Intended use:

Lucysense Plum Enzyme Powder is suitable for everyone, all ages. In addition to helping the stomach metabolize food faster to keep the digestive system healthy, Plum Enzyme also fully protects your family.

  • For children (from 3 years old) : Reduce anorexia, increase appetite, avoid getting sick
  • For mothers : Stay in shape, beautify your skin, purify your body and eat comfortably without worrying about fats from food seeping into your body.
  • For dad : Detox alcohol, balance blood fat
  • Grandparents : Stimulates blood circulation, reduces bone and joint pain


  • Food is not medicine and does not replace medicine
  • The effectiveness of the product depends on each person's physical condition


Enzymes are an indispensable part of maintaining a healthier body, don't forget to supplement Enzymes every day.

  • Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables.
  • Use Lucysense Plum Enzyme to immediately reduce symptoms of digestive system instability.


  • Manufactured on high-tech lines at a professional Korean factory
  • Preserve Enzyme activity and function without being affected by pH and body temperature
  • Perfect compatibility with the environment inside the human body
  • Imported officially, meeting quality safety criteria according to regulations and inspection
  • Downstream processing is strictly controlled


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