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Aishodo NMN 18000+ Skin Rejuvenation 90 Tablets

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Nowadays, the living conditions have increased so much that many people are starting to pay attention to the issues of health protection, longevity and beauty. In particular, the older people are, the more susceptible they are to diseases, even if the disease is not serious, it still has a negative impact on health because the elderly body is weaker. Therefore, when entering the age of 20, it is best to use nutritional supplements to ensure health.

Understanding the above, the Japanese company Aishodo has researched the skin rejuvenation pill NMN 18000+ Aishodo. With a list of ingredients including many leading nutrients for health, NMN 18000+ Aishodo helps to maintain youthful skin, increase health, longevity and prevent disease.

The first ingredient of NMN oral tablet is NMN substance. NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide - a substance found in human stem cells. This substance plays a role in activating genes, producing energy for cells. At the same time, it activates the activities of the cardiovascular and digestive functions inside the body. Over time, the body gradually reduces NMN causing you to age. If supplemented in time, you will slow down this aging process, reverse age and disease.

In addition to NMN, in each NMN 18000+ Aishodo skin rejuvenation pill, there are:

4500mg Placenta Stem Cell Extract contains many natural micro-minerals and amino acids. Stem cells are the secret of skin regeneration, nourishing your skin as young and smooth as the first day.
Coenzyme Q10 extract fights aging, reduces wrinkles and dark spots due to age. This substance also promotes the regulation of blood vessels to the limbs and face. Helps to make the skin ruddy, prevent heart failure, anemia to the brain,...

Horse placenta extract and plant stem cellshelps keep skin healthy and beautiful from within, anti-aging and helps brighten skin.
Hyaluronic acid contains a high amount of water to help moisturize the skin. The skin is sufficiently moist, so it becomes smooth, smooth, and reduces roughness and discomfort.
Dextrin essence helps regulate sugar and fat levels in the body. Prevents the body from absorbing bad fats, reduces fat and cholesterol absorption. Prevent blood fat diseases, prevent cancer.
Along with a series of other healthy nutrients, good for the skin.


  • Supplement necessary nutrients for sick people, sick people, middle-aged people lacking nutrients. Helps nourish women's health and prevent signs of aging.
  • Strengthens the body's natural resistance and immunity.
  • Improve blood circulation, cardiovascular system. Prevent the causes of stroke, high blood pressure, cancer.
  • Reduces the risk of common illnesses such as illness, fever, and flu.
  • Strengthen the flexibility of muscles and joints so that you are stronger and confident to participate in sports.
  • Eliminate excess toxins in the body, improve the function of internal organs such as liver, kidneys, ...
  • Supports blood sugar control for people with diabetes.
  • Stimulates rapid skin regeneration after injury. Reduces dryness, pigmentation, freckles, age spots, acne scars on the skin. Gives flawless, smooth, and radiant skin.


  • NMN 18000+ Aishodo skin rejuvenation oral tablet packed in a box of 90 tablets. Take 3 capsules per day, divided into 3 times. Drinking during or after meals. Not for use by people under 20 years of age. Not for use by pregnant and lactating women. Absolutely do not overdose or use continuously for a long time.
  • Should be taken 1.5-3 months apart for each use (1 box for each time). Store the product in a cool place, out of reach of children. The product is not a medicine and cannot replace medicine.

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