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Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric drink (6 bottles x 100ml)

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Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric detox drink (6 bottles x 100ml) is a premium Japanese hangover detox drink. Drinking water with the main ingredient from turmeric helps you get rid of alcohol effectively and is good for your stomach and liver.

Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric detox drink  - Safe hangover detox, enhances liver health

Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric drink (6 bottles x 100ml)

Highlights of Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric water:

  • Good protection for your liver and stomach

Plus Ukon House hangover drink extracted from turmeric starch has the function of protecting the stomach, reducing pressure on the liver, helping them not be affected by toxins contained in alcohol. In addition, with ingredients from fresh turmeric, the drink also helps heal stomach diseases.

  • Effective hangover cure

Plus Ukon House hangover drink enhances the metabolism of alcohol and aldehydes (substances that are hepatotoxic and neurotoxic (causing headaches and dizziness), thereby helping to stay alert and eliminating headaches. , tired after drinking alcohol,

Drinking hangover water before drinking alcohol will help you increase your alcohol tolerance and effectively prevent hangovers.

Plus Ukon House liver detox turmeric water (Box of 6 bottles x 100ml)

Ingredients and uses of Plus Ukon House liver tonic turmeric water:

Ingredients: Turmeric extract, salt, vitamin C, flavoring, vitamin E, sweetener, glucose,...

- Curucumin: substance extracted from turmeric root. It is the most representative substance for the new generation of effective and safe cancer prevention substances. Increases the body's resistance, is very effective in detoxification and liver protection.

- Citric acid: has the effect of esterifying alcohol, reducing alcohol concentration in the blood to form CO2 and H2O which are not toxic to the body. Inositol (B8): helps the liver metabolize fat and fat, participates in the function of muscles and nerve cells.

- Vitamin PP: plays a vital role in metabolism, as a Coenzyme that catalyzes oxidation-reduction reactions necessary for cellular respiration, glycogen breakdown and lipid metabolism.

- Vitamin B6: participates in the synthesis of aminobutiric acid in the central nervous system and participates in the synthesis of Vitamin C hemoglobulin.

Plus Ukon House liver detox turmeric water (Box of 6 bottles x 100ml)

User manual:

- Drink about 15-20 minutes before drinking alcohol to help you stay alert, not dizzy, and drink more (effective for 4-5 hours).

- Drink after drinking alcohol: helps the body feel less tired, dizzy, drowsy (a common feeling after drinking alcohol), and alert to work.

- More delicious cold drink.

Methods of preservation: 

- Store in a cool, dry place, away from fire and direct sunlight.

- Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.


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