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Root Vanish Kiwabi organic silver hair dye combo

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Hair goes through the same aging process as skin. The most obvious symptom is gray hair, causing loss of aesthetics and itching.
- Pulling out gray hair will cause more harm by damaging the scalp and hair follicles, causing hair to grow slowly and become thinner.
- Dyeing your hair with chemicals will increase the risk of cancer.Root Vanish Kiwabi organic silver hair dye combo

Treat premature gray hair or change hair color safely at home by using Root Vanish KIWABI organic gray hair dye. The product is extracted 100% from natural herbs. 

The special feature of Root Vanish KIWABI contains 8-no formula

- No silicon.
- No diamine.
- No mineral oil.
- No UV absorbers.
- No sulfates.
- No synthetic fragrance
- No Paraben.
- No laureth sulfate

How to use Root Vanish KIWABI hair dye combo

Step 1: Root Vanish KIWABI organic silver hair dye shampoo

- Capacity: 300ml 
- The product is used like regular shampoo with a smooth foam that easily sticks to the hair, giving you beautiful evenly colored hair from root to tip.
- Extracted from 8 types of natural plants and contains 96% beauty essence. Includes ingredients: Rosemary Extract, Sage Extract, Roman Chamomile Extract, Jojoba Oil, Angelica Root Extract, Seaweed Extract, Horsetail Extract and Gardenia Extract all are ingredients that have been researched and shown to have moisturizing, nourishing and anti-aging benefits.
- Prevents scalp fungus and dandruff, protects a healthy scalp and helps restore damage caused by dyes and other chemicals. 
- Gentle lavender scent, creating a relaxing feeling. 

Step 2: Root Vanish KIWABI organic silver hair dye

- Capacity: 150g 
- The product is extracted from 22 natural plant ingredients: Japanese black seaweed extract, ginseng root, Yuzu citrus, lavender, Japonica Swertia flower,... moisturizing and creates color that covers each hair cuticle layer, making hair healthier and shinier after each use
- Does not dry, fray, break or damage hair.
- Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny like clouds.
- Does not have an unpleasant odor, does not cause headaches.
- Does not stick to towels, pillowcases or clothes.
- No potential risk of cancer.
- Proven for effectiveness and safety.
- Organic color supervised by world-famous colorist Kazumi Morton. The product is supported by many celebrities in Los Angeles, the hometown of hair color. 

Step 3: Root Vanish KIWABI organic silver hair dye conditioner

- The product is 100% extracted with fullerenes antioxidant formula that is 172 times more effective than Vitamin C in preventing UV rays from causing hair loss and fading.
- Protects color, helps hair grow naturally and supports melanin production to prevent hair strands from turning silvery white, giving hair a shiny look, and helps restore damaged hair to a healthy state. strong.
- With hydraulic technology using a layer of oil and water that covers each layer of the hair cuticle with the ability to hydrate the hair so it looks soft, smooth and deeply hydrated.
- The conditioner also uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure consistency in product effectiveness and safety.

Color board 

Root Vanish Kiwabi organic silver hair dye combo includes the following 3 colors: 
- Black: Black.
- Dark Brown: Dark brown color.
- Light Brown: Light brown color.Root Vanish Kiwabi organic silver hair color palette

Subjects of use

- People with gray hair.
- People who use dyes.
- People who use hair dye shampoo.
- Middle-aged and elderly people.

Root Vanish Kiwabi washes off easily and does not stick to the skin like chemical dyes 

Customer experience 

Mr. Ngoc (45 years old, Ho Chi Minh City) 
My blood is bad so I have a lot of gray hair. Seeing jagged gray hair makes me depressed. My son-in-law bought me a set of these to use and really likes them. I can easily dye it at home without my hair becoming dry. Japanese products are really nice to use. 

Ms. Trang (28 years old, Da Nang) 
I have quite thin hair and a sensitive scalp, so I'm very afraid of dyeing my hair with chemical dyes. It makes my scalp extremely painful and hair loss becomes worse. After 2 years of not daring to dye my hair, I can now confidently change my hair color because the product is extracted from nature and safe for health. 


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