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Sato Sankaijo laxative pills 500 pills

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Sato Sankaijo laxative pills 500 tablets help support laxatives, support constipation and detoxify toxins accumulated in the body caused by long-term constipation. Especially in cases of abnormal intestinal fermentation, Sato Sankaijo laxative pills will help effectively overcome the problem.

Sato Sankaijo laxative pills - Supports the body's detoxification

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Highlights of Sato Sankaijo laxative pills:

  • Extracted from herbs

Sato Sankaijo laxative pills use benign ingredients extracted from herbs such as 300mg senna powder, 150mg aloe vera powder, 25mg fenne powder, 75mg kengoshi powder all have good and long-lasting effects, safe for health. user. The pill helps relieve symptoms associated with constipation: hot flashes, rough skin, acne, heaviness in the head, loss of appetite (anorexia), bloating, abnormal intestinal fermentation.

  • Eliminate toxins quickly

Constipation will accumulate toxins in the body and cause pimples. Sato Sankaijo laxative pills combined with 130mg of buttonpi powder, 25mg of keihi powder and fennel are effective for boils caused by constipation. Besides, nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B8, B9 and iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium contained in Sato Sankaijo pills also help the body produce a sufficient amount of blood, preventing fatigue. fatigue, anti-inflammatory, hormonal disorders in women.

Sato Sankaijo laxative pills 500 pills

Ingredients and uses of Sato Sankaijo laxative pills:

- Aloe vera powder (150mg), Buttonpi powder (130mg), Keihi powder (25mg): Supports preventing new formation and reduces pimples caused by constipation.

- Senna powder (300mg): Contains about 2.5% hydroxyanthracene glycosides to support the treatment of constipation. Contains anthraquinone and cathartic derivatives that support laxation. Contains Inhibiting antibacterial typhoid bacillus, paratyphoid bacillus to support platelet increase, fibrinogen to prevent bleeding.

- Kengoshi powder (75mg): Supports heat clearing and detoxification, eliminating toxins accumulated in the body during constipation.

- Fenne powder (25mg): Contains 2 - 6% essential oil with 60% anethol, estragol, carbur terpenes that help prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria and fungi in the body.

- Nutrients such as vitamins A, C, B8, B9 and iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium...: Provide support minerals to help the body produce a sufficient amount of blood to help restore body energy.

Sato Sankaijo laxative pills 500 pills

User manual:

- Adults (over 15 years old) 6-12 tablets/time.

- Teenagers (11-14 years old) 4-8 tablets/time.

- Children (7-10 years old) 3-6 tablets/time.

- Children (5-6 years old) 2-4 tablets/time.

- Frequency of use: 2 times/day, take 4 hours apart and drink on an empty stomach as much as possible.

Methods of preservation:

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.


- This product is not a medicine so it cannot be used as a substitute for medicine. 

- Effectiveness may vary depending on the user's constitution. 

- Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a doctor before use. 


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