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Shugo Densetsu Premium hangover pills (6 packs x 15 pills)

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Shugo Densetsu Premium hangover pills help relieve hangovers, bring alertness, and provide good support to protect the stomach, liver, digestive system... with the main ingredient being turmeric starch.

Shugo Densetsu Premium - Relieves alcohol, healthy liver

Outstanding uses of Shugo Densetsu Premium hangover pills

- Shugo Densetsu Premium is a pill made from 100% turmeric and herbal extracts from Okinawa (Japan). Not only is it a hangover pill that brings a feeling of alertness and a relaxed spirit after a hangover, Shugo Densetsu also adds active ingredients that are good for liver health, digestive system, and reduces the risk of liver diseases. , blood pressure, blood sugar,...

- Shugo Densetsu Premium pills with the new version have the main ingredient from Hoang Kim turmeric increased by 28% compared to the old version. Hoang Kim turmeric is grown using organic processes, without using chemical fertilizers, producing clean raw materials with an ORAC index of antioxidant capacity 2 times that of regular turmeric varieties.

- Not only that, Yellow turmeric from Okinawa (Japan) is also known as the "King" of turmeric varieties with curcumin content 22 times higher than normal.

-The pill also meets many prestigious standards and certifications for quality, the production process meets high standards such as the Japanese Emperor's Cup, Okinawa Pure Ingredients certification, and the production process meets GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practices). good production), certificate of merit for good production enterprise,...

- Quickly resolves alcohol in the body, helps stay alert and soothes discomfort after a hangover.

- Enhances metabolism, quickly bringing the body to health and clarity.

- Supports the elimination of toxic substances inside the body, protecting a healthy liver.

- Purifies the body and helps support good weight loss and beautify the skin.

- Balance blood sugar and body fat, reduce the risk of diabetes,...

- Strengthens the immune system and resistance, making the body healthy and youthful.


- Golden turmeric (King turmeric) increased in content by 28% compared to the old version: Contains the most substances in essential oils, such as turmerone, cineol, azulene,... which have the effect of strengthening the immune system and balance. equal to the amount of blood sugar in the body.

- Turmeric, with the main active ingredient curcumin, has the effect of stabilizing cholesterol, reducing excess fat in the blood, regulating blood pressure, while reducing inflammation, supporting the promotion of digestive system activity.

- Purple turmeric has high curcumin content to help protect the liver, stomach, duodenum,... from harmful effects caused by beer, alcohol, and food.

- White turmeric has a high content of essential oils with the ability to purify the blood, support the elimination of toxins and heavy metals from the body, soothe uncomfortable feelings, and keep the body alert and clear.

- Guava leaf extract is rich in tannins, polyphenols, carotenoids, and flavonoids that help support weight loss, reduce blood fat and support the treatment of people with diabetes and digestion.

- Gymnema vine extract with the active ingredient Gymnema acid has the ability to help regulate blood sugar levels in the body, while limiting diabetes complications.

- Lemon basil and basil leaf extract are rich in vitamin A, phosphorus and calcium to help improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

- Add 50mg of Curcumin in each small packet: Has miraculous effects in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-aging.

- Add 50mg of Shijimi extract (Japanese freshwater clam extract powder) in each small packet: Very rich in Protein, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and minerals to help protect the liver against the effects of alcohol and toxins, and at the same time Strengthens the immune system and vitality.

User manual

- Use 1 - 2 packets per day, use before, during or after drinking beer or wine.

- In a large bag, there are 6 small packages, each small package contains 10 yellow pills and 5 green-brown pills (for 1 dose).


- Keep out of reach of young children.

- Effectiveness may vary depending on the user's constitution.

Product preservation

- Store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.


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