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Sline Pro Genie Abdominal Massage Machine Liposuction at Home - made in Korea

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  • Home liposuction machine, Abdominal massage machine, abdominal vibrator aka belly fat dissolving machine with many names for the Sline Pro Genie series all work as a machine to melt belly fat, reducing the size of the ring. 2, support users to improve their waistline while beautifying and improving health.
    Thanks to the ability to generate vibrations to help burn unnecessary fat, the abdominal fat reduction massage belt directly reduces the 2nd round from 7-15cm after 4 weeks of use, after wearing the abdominal massager will reduce the weight. energy expenditure – excess calories similar to when you exercise or be active. This is the abdominal machine used by 80% of Korean women to bring about an ideal waist.
  • The phase of thermic effect of liquefaction of fat concentrated into muscle reduces 3cm-4cm in the first week
    Wear the machine to focus on the upper abdomen (10 minutes) and move to the lower abdomen (10 minutes) to quickly liquefy excess fat. The machine can be moved over 2 sides to reduce fat to create curves for round 2. Wear the device even while doing housework
  • The period of wearing the device to promote the escape through the excretory route decreased from 4cm-6cm week 2-3
    The phase of maintaining and gaining muscle and losing fat to regain the desired 10cm round after 45 days.

1. Product Introduction Sline Pro Genie liposuction machine at home High-class Korean:

  • Abdominal massage belt, also known as a beauty machine to reduce belly fat or a Korean name or called a home liposuction machine, supports users to improve their waistline while beautifying and improving health.
    Thanks to the ability to generate vibrations to help burn unnecessary fat, the direct impact massage belt consumes excess energy - calories similar to when you exercise or exercise.
    Can be used flexibly in many different positions such as thighs, limbs or shoulders. But the hips and waist are still prioritized because they are easy to lose confidence when wearing clothes, especially office and business people because of the nature of the job, they often sit in one place and are sedentary.

2. Specifications Sline Pro Genie abdominal massage machine for liposuction at home:

  • Product name: Sline Pro Genie at home liposuction abdominal massage machine
  • Brand: Genie
  • Technology: Korea
  • Charging power: DC 5V 1A
  • Weight: 380mg
  • Dimensions: 25 x 15 x 9 (cm)
  • Temperature 45°C – 55°C – 65°C
  • Charging time: About 3-4 hours
  • Usage time: 1-2 times/day, 30 minutes/time

máy hút mỡ tại nhà

  • It is the perfect combination of modern high technology and pure mechanical vibration technique, making the process of weight loss and fat removal easier and more effective than conventional methods. Vibration massage combined with heat generation removes 80% of excess fat after only a short time, hard work.

3. Outstanding features of the belt Sline Pro Genie liposuction machine at home:

  • 2 massage motors, high-speed vibration to improve blood and slimming massage effect
  • Features 360-degree massage intensive massage inside
  • Special vibration feature in auto mode, left - right vibration, low - high speed and repeat 4 auto modes & 4 adjustable modes
  • 15 minutes automatic massage time
  • The buttons are displayed on the body, easy to operate
  • Can be used to massage abdomen, shoulders, hands, calves…

Design style

  • The Sline Pro Genie at home liposuction abdominal massage machine with compact design, quite light weight, convenient for wrapping. Highly portable, can be carried when going to work, traveling or even in the car... After use, it can be folded to store in a backpack, bag or drawer without taking up too much space. store.

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About the material

  • Made of durable, scratch-resistant material. Completely smooth and comfortable when in contact with the skin, airy and not secretive.
  • The belt is designed to be large and sturdy, the length of the rope is up to 130cm. You can rest assured because the product can be suitable for different body sizes. Fixed sticker design, large plate for easy adjustment and firmness.

máy hút mỡ bụng tại nhà

Features vibrating massage + generating hot heat

  • Powerful, durable motor provides a comfortable and relaxing massage experience. Each layer of fat on the abdomen is gradually eliminated. The slimming hot vibrating belt integrates 2 vibrating motors, 360-degree massage with infrared heat to increase the direct impact on fat fibers, melting fat quickly.

máy massage bụng

  • The application of infrared heat makes the treatment and fat loss process faster and more effective than ever. Infrared rays combined with vibration pressure heat up the abdomen, helping subcutaneous fat gradually burn, muscles become firmer.
  • Sline Pro Genie at home liposuction massage machine is equipped with 4 automatic massage modes, 4 customizable modes that allow users to choose to use according to their needs. The control keys are displayed right on the belt: start button, rotation mode, vibration and automatic.

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Multi-position use

  • With only 15 minutes of using the Sline Pro Genie at home liposuction machine, you will see the abdomen heating up, which is a sign of the body is gradually eliminating excess fat. It's convenient when working, reading, watching TV, studying, driving ... can wear a waist belt to lose weight without affecting work.
  • Versatile features in this slimming belly massage belt, can be used for many parts of the body. Places with excess fat such as thighs, buttocks, shoulders, calves, chest ... can all be wrapped with vibrating belts to eliminate fat.

máu hút mỡ bụng tại nhà

4. Product Uses Sline Pro Genie Abdominal Massage Machine for home liposuction High-class Korean

  • Reduce Belly Fat: Belly fat is always a concern of many people, especially women. There are many reasons why women have to face overweight and belly fat such as: Eating foods that contain too much fat, doing little exercise, or having just given birth to a baby, etc. Determining the cause will help you find effective remedies. Most of the women choose the option of fasting, excessive dieting, etc. to lose weight.
  • Bringing a toned body: From the effective function of reducing excess fat, combining moderate exercise and a reasonable diet, the belly fat melting massage machine has greatly contributed to her battle 'Regain beautiful shape'. women's children. Help the 'pink balls' be more confident and live healthy and beautiful every day.
  • Reduce symptoms of abdominal pain and indigestion: Many people still think that home liposuction only works to reduce fat and regain a slim body. However, few people expect that, in addition to bringing a beautiful body, Sline pro abdominal massage machine also works to enhance health, help reduce abdominal pain, stomach pain, indigestion symptoms, ....
  • Helps relax, reduce stress: According to studies, massage will contribute to relaxing the mind, re-energizing the body and reducing anxiety and stress. In particular, for is both a weight loss device that helps relax and be more positive.

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5. Sline Pro Genie Home Liposuction User Manual

  • Step 1: Always make sure the skin surface is clean. Put the straps on with the board facing forward.
    Step 2: Adjust the strap size to suit your waist measurement before use (Do not wear the belt too tight or too wide).
    Step 3: On (press the power button to turn on) / Off (long press the power button to turn off).
    Step 4: To change the vibration mode, press the power button to adjust the vibration mode by level 1-> 2-> 3. Pressing the 4th time will return the power off state.
    Step 5: To change the temperature, press the temperature button (symmetry of the power button) to adjust the number of times as follows: 1st time (low temperature 45°C) -> 2nd time (average temperature 55°C) -> 3rd time (High temperature 65°C) -> 4th time: Turn off temperature function.
    Step 6: After using for about 30 minutes, turn off the device and dry clean.

6. Some notes when using the sline pro liposuction machine at home

  • Do not overdo the product. Operation time no more than 30 minutes
  • Regularly use the belt every day, combined with a healthy diet and rest, limit eating fatty foods, drink plenty of water .. for maximum effectiveness.
  • Regularly clean the machine, avoid dropping strong impacts to ensure the durability of the machine
  • Do not use when full, not good for health
  • Do not use the product on areas with open wounds, swollen skin, etc.



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