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Tibetan Na Khuc Cordyceps

Tibetan cordyceps sinensis VIP - 10g (king size 14)

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In the wild and harsh highlands of Tibet, there appears the rarest medicinal herb in the world, whose value is even higher than gold, called Cordyceps sinensis (DTHT).

Cordyceps is essentially a parasitic fungus belonging to the genus Cordyceps. In winter, this fungus parasitizes the caterpillar larvae. It grows by sucking nutrients from the larvae and killing the host. Then in the summer, the fungal spores sprout through the larva's body, forming a mushroom. In the book, it is written: "winter worms" have turned into "summer grasses", so the name "cordyceps" is given.

Cordyceps is a magical combination of plants and animals, providing hundreds of nutrients beneficial to human health.Tibetan cordyceps sinensis VIP - 10g (king size 14)

- Health improvement: Cordyceps contains up to 17 types of amino acids and rich trace elements and vitamins, so it helps nourish and prevent body weakness very well.
- Enhances resistance: The active ingredient Cordycepin has two-sided effects on the immune system: it both enhances immunity in cases of immunodeficiency and has the ability to suppress immunity in cases of hypersensitivity, for example. autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus,...
- Protects the cardiovascular system: Cordyceps is approved in China to treat arrhythmia, or heart rate that is too slow, too fast or irregular. This effect is due to the presence of Adenosine in Cordyceps - Active ingredient that helps protect the heart, very good for people with heart disease, the elderly, people at high cardiovascular risk,...
- Inhibits cell death bad cells and prevent cancer:  Some active ingredients in Cordyceps sinensis have the ability to inhibit the growth of malignant tumors.
- Supports the treatment of respiratory diseases: Increases the efficiency of oxygen use, inhibits tracheal spasms, supports the treatment of lung diseases, especially asthma...
- Improves physiological function:  Helps nourish The kidneys strengthen virility in men and regulate hormones in women.
- Active ingredient Selenium helps slow down the aging process and rejuvenate the skin.Tibetan cordyceps sinensis VIP - 10g (king size 14)

Instructions for use
- Direct use: Wash the cordyceps in warm water about 30 degrees Celsius, then soak in hot water (about 60 - 70 degrees Celsius) until soft and can be used directly.
- Soaking in Wine: Soaking Cordyceps in alcohol is a great method to preserve valuable nutrients. Soak at a rate of 25g Cordyceps with 1 liter of alcohol. 
- Soup Stew: Stew meats such as pork, beef, chicken, duck... first, then add enough DTHT to stew. Be careful not to stew to preserve nutrients.
- Use with tea: Cordyceps can be steeped with tea, put in a tea pot, and after 2 servings of water, you can take it out and eat.
- Soaking honey: This is a convenient, nutritious way to use and increases health benefits.

- Store carefully in the refrigerator at 3-5 degrees Celsius to ensure nutrients.
- Cooking time: Do not stew cordyceps for more than 30 minutes because the nutritional content of cordyceps is easily decomposed when exposed to high temperatures. 


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