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Yukina intensive melasma treatment set - Japan

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Yukina intensive melasma treatment set  applies the exclusive Ichitori melasma treatment formula from Japan, showing effectiveness in reducing melasma up to 90% after 3 months, while helping the skin become white, smooth, lifted and firm.


Currently, there are many melasma treatment methods on the market, however, Yukina is one of the rare products that has the ability to treat melasma in depth, hydrate the skin to keep it healthy, treat melasma and rejuvenate the skin. skin.

  • Moisturizing: Thanks to containing super moisturizing Ceramide and HA, Yukina has the ability to balance the water content in cells, adjust the texture to make the skin hydrated, shiny and smoother.
  • Intensive melasma treatment: Ichitori's exclusive melasma treatment formula and super derivative technology in Yukina help microscopic melasma treatment active ingredients penetrate deeply into the root of melasma for intensive treatment, bringing high efficiency.
  • Lifting and firming the skin: Yukina will supplement the Collagen that is lacking due to the aging process, thereby helping the skin look youthful, firm and full of vitality.

Set includes 3 products:

avata lotion for melasma treatment yukina
avata serum for melasma treatment yukina
avata melasma treatment cream yukina


Yukina intensive melasma treatment set with the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, along with Ichitori ingredients are especially effective in eliminating all signs of melasma, including spot melasma, cluster melasma, mixed melasma... helping to quickly regenerate. quickly and stimulates new cell growth, helping to treat melasma at the root instead of just treating symptoms like other methods.

Outstanding efficiency:

✅ First month
The skin care active ingredients in Yukina will penetrate deeply into the skin, stimulating the recovery of weak skin cells, increasing collagen production to connect skin cells, helping the skin become healthier and smoother. brighter and more evenly colored.

✅ Second month
After the skin is restored, the melasma treatment active ingredients in Yukina will work intensively thanks to super derivative technology. Ichitori penetrates deeply into melasma areas to remove melasma without damaging the skin.

✅ Third month
After a 3-month treatment, melasma will fade by up to 90%, helping to create a rosy white, smooth and natural skin.


Thanks to the exclusive Ichitori formula, which includes 5 expensive melasma treatment ingredients, combined according to the golden ratio, Yukina has been patented in Japan because of its rapid melasma treatment effectiveness, on par with invasive methods such as Needle rolling, laser, biological skin replacement... but guaranteed not to irritate even the weakest skin.

Yukina had to go through a very rigorous testing process to reach 51 Japanese Ministry of Health standards. Above all, the ingredients in Yukina are the quintessential gifts that nature gives to women.

Special ingredients:

Ichitori melasma treatment formula
This is a melasma treatment formula with 5 active ingredients with strong and highly effective medicinal properties, extracted from nature and guaranteed to be safe for even sensitive skin. This formula includes: Endogenous Bio Placenta 5%, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate (2K) 5%, O-ethyl ascorbic acid 1%, Niacinamide, Tocopherol 1%.

HA and Ceramide – super moisturizing
Hyaluronic Acid (HA) helps provide moisture to the skin, while Ceramide helps moisturize and restructure the skin. This makes the skin barrier healthier, prevents dark spots and makes the skin naturally smooth.

03 Collagen - lifting, firming skin
To combat signs such as wrinkles and sagging skin, we need to immediately supplement 3 types of collagen, including: water-soluble collagen, succinyl atelocollagen, hydrolyzed collagen. With their microscopic size and high purity, these types of collagen will penetrate and penetrate through the layers of the skin, helping the connective fibers become stronger, making the skin more elastic and smooth.


How to use:

Step 1: Use Yukina Melasma Treatment Lotion

  • After removing makeup and washing your face, using Yukina Lotion immediately will help your skin be instantly moisturized, thereby maintaining its elasticity, avoiding dryness that leads to peeling and becoming more sensitive.

Step 2: Use Yukina Melasma Treatment Serum

  • In step 2, Yukina Serum will penetrate deeply to the bottom of the dermis, thereby transforming melanin into a skin protective barrier, instead of forming melasma patches as usual.
  • Yukina Serum includes melasma treatment active ingredients prepared and extracted from nature using biotechnology. Therefore, the product is completely suitable for sensitive skin, does not cause skin irritation or erosion.

Step 3: Use Yukina intensive melasma treatment set 

  • Last but not least important step, Yukina Cream will enhance active ingredients to treat melasma comprehensively, while locking in moisture to maintain smooth, supple skin.
  • Regularly perform all 3 skin care steps with Yukina every day, sensitive skin will initially be nourished to be healthy from deep within, and at the same time change melanin so that deep melasma patches gradually fade. disappear.


  • 3-month course, combined with Yukina's set of 3 melasma treatment products, melasma fades up to 90%, creating rosy white, smooth and firm skin, providing high ability to prevent melasma recurrence.

Intended use:

  • People with skin problems such as melasma, freckles, brown spots or dark spots
  • People who are often exposed to sunlight or sit for long periods in front of the computer
  • People with aging, lifeless skin and dry, dehydrated skin
  • People who want to maintain and improve skin health and damaged skin after skin treatment


  • Product effectiveness depends on each person's constitution


  • Need to use persistently every day to achieve the desired effect
  • You should use to Yukina intensive melasma treatment set  get the best results


Yukina Certification:

  • Yukina is a product certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health with a Japanese GMP certificate.

Yukina's exclusive melasma treatment formula:

  • Yukina uses exclusive Ichitori melasma treatment formula, which helps penetrate to the root of melasma for intensive treatment.
  • The product provides up to 3 types of collagen, HA, ceramide to help restructure the skin, nourish the skin to be healthy from deep within and create resistance to prevent melasma from returning.
  • Yukina's Ichitori formula has been exclusively patented by the Ministry of Patents and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.

Safe product for all skin: l

  • Yukina applies biopharmaceutical technology with ingredients extracted entirely from nature.
  • The product's melasma treatment mechanism does not damage the skin, is very safe and suitable for all skin, including sensitive skin.
  • Tested on 300,000 people and found to be 99.98% non-irritating.


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